MEKA MPIC Portable Impact Crushing plants are wheel-mounted rock machines, engineered to operate as a complete stand-alone closed-circuit unit with two products capability. This plant is an extremely versatile and economical unit and has proven it’s effectiveness in a host of missions like soft and medium-hard materials such as limestone, low abrasive rocks, for quarrying, concrete and asphalt recycling and are the optimal choice if you want to move the plant from one site to another periodically. They are easily transportable between production sites and often utilized in aggregates production and recycling applications.
We offer a wide range of portable plants to fulfil your production needs in the aggregates and mining sectors, designed with many features aimed at high capacity production and ease of operation. All units are built for durability and constructed from a robust heavy duty chassis frame which is fully assembled on a single trailer and mounted on triple axle bogie. The simple, yet effective design includes many benefits for quick set-up and ease of maintenance, resulting in more uptime and higher productivity.


High Performance and Reliability

MPIC is a complete processing unit fully assembled on a single trailer frame. Featuring the MGF type grizzly feeder, highly reliable and productive MPI Impactor for closed circuit belt conveyors for excellent feed to the MS type screen, it offers a highly versatile, highend capacity plant capable of processing cubical products at a low cost-per-tonne operation

MEKA MPI Primary Impact Crushers;

• Chamber design with heavy duty double breaker plates ensures great reduction ratios, reduced power consumption,where output and productivity demands are increasingly stringent.
• With large unobstructed feed opening, can be fed with material blocks the size of their feed opening.These features maximise loading, and with a bigger  chamber, the result is a boost in productivity in every type of application.
• Achieve a higher reduction with fewer  stages, lowering your capital costs.
• Designed to reliably produce cubical product shapes. The final shape delivered aims to meet the exacting specifications for flakiness and elongation required to produce asphalt and concrete products.
• Hydraulically adjustable breaker plates enable a wide range of end product gradations to be achieved.
• Modularized abrasion resistant steel liners can be turned for maximum usage
• Equipped with two large hydraulic cylinders, with integral locking valves, to open and close the body halves for ease of maintenance. The easy access to the chamber makes theseparticularly easy to maintain.
• Perfect separation of concrete reinforcements in recycling processes
• Provide simple and efficient operation with soft starter for trouble free operation

MEKA MGF Grizzly feeders;

• With by-pass chute to divert grizzly fines to discharge or optional reject cross conveyor for removing of fines, thereby maximizing throughput and reducing wear
• Frequency inverter for feeder speed control in order to provide step less regulation of the feed rate

MEKA MS Screens;

• Highly efficient and accurate on board 2 deck screen for product classification
• Chutes lined with abrasion resistant steel plates
• Both decks can recirculate to or discharge off plant
• Fitted with flap gates to optimize the quality and capacity in different applications
• Premium quality components for durability and wear lined impact zones
• Quick and easy replacement of wear parts, which keeps your equipment productive with minimal downtime

Safe and easy to operate and maintain

• Operator-friendly unit with spacious and accessible platforms make the daily operation and maintenance simpler, safer, and faster.
• Removable electrical control panel can be located on the ground during operation
• Mounted safety guards and multiple emergency stop buttons for safe operation
• Low emissions due to electrical operation, minimizing environmental


• Compact layout and excellent stability
• Heavy duty chassis beams, strength analysis on structural parts and quality components for durability.
• All onboard components are electrically driven giving reliability and minimal maintenance.
• Low cost per tonne due to electric operation
• Quick to set-up and easy access for service and maintenance, resulting in more uptime and higher productivity
• Capable of operating in the most hostile environments.


• Hydraulically opened frame for  hydraulic assist breaker plate adjustment
• Large unobstructed  feed and discharge chutes
• Feed chute chain curtain for the impact 
• Safety guards to  drives
• Feed hopper complete with wear resistant liners
• Liners for discharge chutes
• Bypass chute
• Impact bed on discharge conveyor
• Maintenance platform with handrails and access ladder
• Self contained electrical switchgear cabinet with controls for feeder with variable frequency drive,  soft-starter, all on-plant conveyors, screen (includes plugs and receptacles)
• Emergency stop buttons
• 2” / 3 ½” King-pin, triple-axle bogie with air-brakes, travel lights, mudflaps, trailer suitable for 24 V supply


• Fixed feed hopper for truck loading
• Third breaker plate for higher reduction ratios
• Temperature sensors for the housings.
• Wire cloth screening element beneath the grizzly feeder to enable the removal of natural fines
• Bolt-in stepped type grizzly in place of standard bars
• Under high stroke pan feeder, collects high velocity discharge and grizzly fines, reducing conveyor maintenance
• On-board side conveyor
• Hydraulic support legs, which enable yet quicker and easier set-up without using heavy cranes
• Magnetic separator for the removal of metals from the end product
• Dust suppression water spray system
• Consult MEKA for additional hopper, screen, conveyor, axle, jack, and power options


MPPI 1111

MPPI 1114

Model MGF 1146 MGF 1146 MGF 1450 MGF 1450
Width Width 1 100 mm 43" 1 400 mm 55"
Length Length 4 600 mm 15' 5 000 mm 16' 5''
Grizzly Length Grizzly Length 1 400 mm 4.6' 1 400 mm 4.6'
Grizzly Gap Adjustment Grizzly Gap Adjustment 40 - 50 - 65 mm 1.6" - 2" - 2.6" 55 - 65 - 95 mm 2.2" - 2.6" - 3.7"
Motor Power Motor Power 2 x 10 kW 2 x 13.6 HP 2 x 12 kW 2 x 16 HP
Hopper Volume Hopper Volume 10 m³ 13 yd³ 12 m³ 16 yd³
Model MPI 1111 MPI 1111/span> MPI 1114 MPI 1114
Rotor Dimensions Rotor Dimensions Ø 1 100 x 1 070 mm Ø 43" x 42" Ø 1 100 x 1 400 mm Ø 43" x 55"
Maximum Feed Size Maximum Feed Size 600 mm 24" 600 mm 24"
Capacity Capacity up to 200 mtph up to 220 stph up to 350 mtph up to 386 stph
Motor Power Motor Power 160 kW (50 Hz) 218 HP (50 Hz) 200 kW (50 Hz) 272 HP (50 Hz)
Model MS 1650/2 MS 1650/2 MS 2050/2 MS 2050/2
Width Width 1 600 mm 5.2' 2 000 mm 6.6'
Length Length 5 000 mm 16.4' 5 000 mm 16.4'
Decks Decks 2 2 2 2
Motor Power Motor Power 15 kW 20 HP 15 kW 20 HP
Belt Width Belt Width 800 mm 31" 1200 mm 47"
Length Length 14 000 mm 45' 11" 14 000 mm 45' 11"
Motor Power Motor Power 15 kW 20 HP 18,5 kW 25 HP
Belt Width Belt Width 1 400 mm 55" 1 600 mm 63"
Length Length 5 000 mm 16' 5" 5 000 mm 16' 5"
Motor Power Motor Power 2 x 4 kW 2 x 5.5 HP 2 x 5.5 kW 2 x 7.5 HP
Belt Width Belt Width 650 mm 26" 800 mm 31"
Length Length 2 500 mm 8' 2" 3 000 mm 9' 10"
Motor Power Motor Power 4 kW 5.5 HP 5.5 kW 7.5 HP
Length Length 20 200 mm 66' 3" 20 200 mm 66' 3"
Width Width 3 400 mm 11' 2" 3 600 mm 11' 10"
Height Height 4 300 mm 14' 1" 4 300 mm 14' 1"
Weight Weight 56 000 kg 123 500 lbs 65 000 kg 143 300 lbs
Belt Width Belt Width 20 000 mm 65' 7" 20 000 mm 65' 7"
Length Length 5 200 mm 17' 1" 5 600 mm 18' 5"
Motor Power Motor Power 5 800 mm 19' 5 800 mm 19'
Capacity figures shown apply to material weighing 1.6 tons per cubic meter, or 100 pounds per cubic foot.
Performance may vary depending on the feed gradation, feed moisture content, crushability of the material, rpm, installed power and the  circuit design. Please consult MEKA for specific applications.


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