MEKA range of feeders are engineered for continuous use under harsh conditions providing high feeding capacity. Range includes; grizzly for coarse material produced with blasting, with grizzly scalper for material with high content of fines, vibrating feeders to be used under bins to feed or under open stockpiles……..

Grizzly Feeder

MEKA grizzly feeders have been designed to excel in the harshest conditions and applications. High abrasion resistance, durable heat-treated drive console and high quality vibrators ensure peak efficiency, reliable feeding and effective long-term operation with minimum breakdowns.

Pan Feeders with Grizzly Scalper

MSF units combine a separate pan feeder with a double-deck grizzly scalper that has a stepped grizzly on the top deck. The result is better flow control, greatly superior fines removal and optimum crusher performance.

Vibrating Feeder

The design and wide size range of MEKA vibrating feeders is adapted to make proper access around crushers possible and decrease the total cost of the installation. The versatile design can be mounted on support springs or suspended on coil springs, depending on the location and application.

Apron Feeder

MEKA Apron Feeders provide reliable means of controlling the feed rate to prevent surge loads to the Primary Crusher or other plant equipment. An Apron Feeder is run at very low speeds and at a controlled feed rate as it absorbs the impact loads of the material falling from a dump truck or a front-end loader. Apron Feeders are of rugged, heavy duty construction and designed to handle large feed sizes.

Wobbler Feeder

The Wobbler Feeder consists of a frame, trianguler bars and a chain drive system used to rotate the bars. The positive action of the rotating triangular bars causes material to tumble forward assuring separation of fines and a uniform feed rate, it is a sturdy machine suitable for heavy duty work.

Belt Feeder

Belt feeders are short belt conveyors that are specifically designed for material flow regulation, extracting material from one area and ensuring that downstream equipment receives the appropriate volume.


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