Screens are used to classify materials both in different stages of the process and in final product separation. Designed as a non-welded frame with adjustable vibration features for different material types, MEKA provide  efficiency that is high quality and dependable.

Grizzly Screen

Grizzly screens (MGS) are built with extra heavy-duty applications in mind. They are circular motion inclined screens with two decks, fitted with grizzly on the top deck, and wire mesh on the bottom deck. These screens are heavy and have more powerful motors and drives than a regular circular motion screen. They have been designed for screening immediately after a primary crushing operation, allowing a maximum feed size of up to 400 mm.

Inclined Screen

Although the crushing process is an important part in a plant, the screening quality and precision has the highest influence on the overall efficiency of all equipment. As the heart of every crushing and screening plant, a inclined vibrating screen is used for classifying material by size in every stage of the process from feeding to the product separation. The different sizes of materials mixing with each other and an increase in returning material amount caused by low screening efficiency equals low profitability for every crushing and screening plant.

Horizontal Screen

MEKA Horizontal Screens are a combination of quality, reliability, and performance; providing a long service life while operating under the most demanding applications. Proven oval stroke design increases production, reduces recirculation load. Oval throw action makes MEKA horizontal screens virtually non-plugging and raises quality output. The ability to fine tune stroke angle, amplitude and speed adds versatility in meeting changing screening conditions. Extra-strong body construction, durable bearing mountings, computer designed chrome-moly-nickel gear set with premium metallurgy extend service life.

Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screens are typically single deck, adjustable incline, linear motion screens utilized to dewater fine aggregates prior to stockpiling. They are typically fed a sand and water slurry with a maximum feed size of 10 mm (3/8”), utilize urethane screen media ranging from #10 – #60 mesh and will typically produce a finished product with an approximate moisture content of 8– 15 percent by weight. Available MDS series screen sizes range from 1200 mm (4’) wide x 2400 mm (8’) long to 1800 mm (6’) wide x 4000 mm (13’) long with processing rates up to 210 mtph (230 stph) on a single unit.

Scalping Screen

Scalping screens (MSS) are built with a rugged, heavy-duty design for large feed and tonnages. These screens are most commonly utilized in conjunction with an apron, pan or push feeder ahead of the primary crusher. They have a single grizzly or plate type of scalping deck with the option of a second deck with woven wire. MSS screens immediately after a primary feeder gives more effective scalping than a primary feeder with a built-in grizzly. The stroke and speed of the screen remains constant while the feed rate is adjusted by varying the feeder speed providing efficient separation at all times.


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