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Cone crushers have been used as primary, secondary and tertiary crushers for quite a long time. They are widely employed for crushing hard and abrasive materials in both the aggregate and mining industries. Designed especially for the hardest material types, cone crushers are one of the best choices for crushing river gravel, basalt and granite, along with abrasive materials in the mining industry like iron, chrome, magnesite and copper ores. The robust design and high-grade cast steel body of our cone crushers provide the strength and stability necessary for crushing extra-hard materials while ensuring low maintenance costs.

Meka’s cone crusher is a very good example of our determination to gain customer trust in the field of crushing and screening equipment. The solid structure required for crushing very hard materials allows the operators to employ the cone crusher for a wide range of applications, crushing everything from limestone to basalt. In addition, its versatility enables our customers to keep a high profit level in changing conditions. The cone crusher’s optimised speed and improved crushing chamber design provides high productivity with less wear on parts, meaning a great savings in labour. The adjustable crushing chamber can provide the required size of material, and is able to meet a variety of customer needs.


Today, technology is a part of every aspect of life, and our businesses are no exception. Meka aims to satisfy our customers’ needs completely because we know that client profitability pays dividends in higher trust and better customer relationships. Meka cone crushers arrive to our customers complete with the automation system as standard, without any extra charge.

Our automation system maintains closed side settings in a stable position by tracking wear part abrasion. This creates a significant increase in crushing efficiency and also enables the use of wear parts for longer, with more profitability. In addition, it makes scheduling wear part replacement easier than ever. The automatic control system can adapt the closed side settings in accordance with different feed conditions and keep the system in choke feed, creating more rock-on-rock crushing action and increasing profitability.

Automation helps to increase the security of the crusher in case non-crushable material, such as a piece of metal, enters into the crusher cavity and causes high pressure. The relief valve is opened automatically, releasing hydraulic oil from the cylinders to prevent the machine from being severely damaged.


Have a look at our range of cone crushers with detailed technical data below. Feel free to contact us if you require more specific information or a unique solution for your needs. Our engineers will be happy to assist with your project.


MCS 900

MCS 1150

MCH 900

MCH 1150

Max. feeding size 100 - 150(mm) 3.9 - 5.9(inch) 250 - 400(mm) 9.8 - 15.7(inch) 45 - 60(mm) 1.8 - 2.4(inch) 70 - 175(mm) 2.8 - 6.9(inch)
Closed Size Setting 25 - 44(mm) 1-1.7(inch) 24 - 48(mm) 0.9 - 1.9(inch) 10 - 32(mm) 0.4 - 1.26 (inch) 8 - 44(mm) 3 - 1.7(inch)
Capacity 100 - 200(tph) 110-220(stph) 180 - 325(tph) 200 - 360(stph) 50 - 140(tph) 55 - 155(stph) 90 - 190(tph) 100 - 210(stph)
Power 75 - 90(kW/rpm) 100-120(hp) 200 - 250(kW/rpm) 270 - 335(hp) 75 - 95(kW/rpm) 100 - 120(hp) 200 - 250(kW/rpm) 270 - 335(hp)


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