The olution company supplies n different parts of Scotland and England, through mobile solutions in areas where transportation is difficult. It meets the demand in projects such hydroelectric plants and wind turbines, which may be built in isolated areas, by a 100m³ capacity MB-100M Mobile 

Mobile Solutions

Projects such as wind turbines, dams and hydroelectric power plants are constructed in areas that are quite challenging with interms to transportation. This emerges as an issue that complicates materials supply in such projects. In order to be able to meet the demands of the customers at this point, the Breedon Aggregates company, which owns 40  and 27 quarries in total in Scotland and Central England, and the TSL company, which is the largest independent aggregate and special construction services company of England, have associated and established the  (MCS) company. Thus, they are capable of supplying on the spot or from the nearest locations in such projects, by mobile solutions.

Within this scope, the MCS Company is working with England’s leading wind turbine investor - SSE. One of the ongoing investments of the company, which has specialized in energy services, is the Calliachar wind turbine being built in Scotland. The Calliachar wind turbine project, which has been initiated in January 2012, is planned to be completed within 2013. The delivery of the turbine components, which constitute one of the most important stages in the project of 14 wind turbines in total, has started on November 21, 2012. Approximately 400m³ of  is required for the foundations of each turbine, and the demand in the project is being met by the Meka Mobile 

With 100m³/hour capacity  owned by the Mobile Solution company, in addition to qualified  production, the setup costs are minimized through the advantages provided by the aggregate pre-feeding system and the steel silo foundation options and the plant may be moved to a different location within 1 week.



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