As Meka, when we decided to invest in the crushing & screening sector, we aimed to manufacture the best crushing plants and so we determined our vision as to be the market leader and not to manufacture better crushing plants in the market but the “best crushing plants” like we did before in .

In 2011, we started our R&D project for our designs. After completing the co-design machine project with Tübitak (THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF TURKEY), we began to manufacture crushing & screening machines and plants in our factory of which we realized the opening as of January 2015.

We intended to reflect our 27 years’ experience to the crushing & screening sector.

During the past 1 year of period in crushing & screening field, our client’s feedbacks about the machines and plants we delivered to them has motivated us a lot for our vision to be the market leader.

We asked Erol Akcan, General Manager of MEKA A.Ş., to share his opinions about the Manufacturing of Crushing & Screening Equipment and he said:

Now MEKA is one of the manufacturer companies in Crushing & Screening Sector. However, our aim is not to manufacture some kind of machines better than the ones in the market, but to be an actor who has the ability to specify the rules in this sector.

Selected as the #4 management guru of all time by the Financial Times (behind Jack Welch, Bill Gates, and Peter Drucker), and has been hailed by the Management Centre Europe as “the world’s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing.” American Academician and management scientist, Dr. Philip Kotler has shown philosophical base for the enterprises in his book “Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Every Manager Needs to Know”. He says "Your company does not belong in any market where it can’t be the best.": There is only two ways: to be the best (or aiming to be the best) or to face up to disappearing.

Our activities we have started with market research since 2011 are beginning to bear fruit.

We have adopted Dr. Kotler’s philosophy in all departments of MEKA on the basis of product, service and relations. Now the  we manufacture at the moment are one of the best products in respect of price/performance ratio all over the World. We are known by our high quality products everywhere in the World. Also the difference we created in terms of service after-sales and operator formation has been expressed frequently by our clients.



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