MEKA has installed 1 unit 400 ton/h Mechanical Stabilisation Plant and 1 unit MB-K140 for one of the biggest contractors of Iraq for the final section of Erbil’s 120 Meter Road. 

The project, costing a total of $440 million. The master plan for Erbil includes a series of ring roads — 30 Meters, 40 Meters, 60 Meters, 100 Meters, 120 Meters, and 150 Meters. The aim is for commuters in Erbil's suburbs and surrounding towns to use the ring roads to avoid congestion in the city centre.

The last section, totaling 11 kilometers, stretches from the Erbil-Kirkuk Road to the Erbil-Mosul Road. It contains six overpasses and nine underpasses. The ring road is aiming to decrease traffic jams in downtown Erbil.

120 Meter Road was added to Erbil's master plan in 2005. It is currently the outermost of the ring roads that encircle the city, with the historic Erbil Citadel at the centre. Work on the road began in early 2013.

The speed limit on 120 Meter Road is 110 kilometers per hour with no traffic lights, allowing drivers to complete a lap of the 37-kilometer ring road in about 20 minutes.

MEKA Mechanical Stabilisation Plant has a 5x 15 m³ Aggregate Inline Bin equipped with independent    5 units Belt Feeder under it. 5x 15 m³ Aggregate Bin is equipped with a grid over the bins and galvanized steel legs and platforms. 

The plant has MEKA Continuous Mixer which has Ni-Hard 4 paddles and Hardox 450 Liners. There is a mixer block protection system and bearing temperature sensor in a continuous mixer.

There is also water adding equipment in the system. The water is sprayed into the mixer through nozzles. MEKA has designed a frequency converter for the water pump. The motor frequency will be adjusted in the control cabin.  The amount of water will be read from the flowmeter display in the control cabin.  

The plant includes a 50 m³ Truck Loading Bin equipped with a pneumatic gate under it and the level sensor inside of it. There is a microphone + speaker (under 50 m3 truck loading bin) + sound alarm to make healthy communication. All conveyor belts in the plant are equipped with pull cords for safety.

MEKA MB-K140 Stationary Plant has the capacity of 140 m³/h vibrated The plant has a 4x 30 m³ Aggregate Inline Bin. The plant is equipped with a 3,33 m³ MEKA Twin shaft mixer and High-Pressure Mixer Automatic Washing System.

MEKA MB-K140 Stationary Plant is designed with hot deep galvanized main chassis as standard. Completely galvanized heavy and stable main chassis allows extreme durability, safe transportation, continuous long-life operation, and sensitive weighing by minimizing the vibrations to the scales. 

In this plant addition to standard hot deep galvanized main chassis, also aggregate inline bin is also manufactured as hot deep galvanized. 

In the plant, there are 4 units of 100-ton cement silos. Each cement silos are equipped with a pneumatic hammer for the smooth flow of cement.

We are proud that MEKA equipment is preferred in many regions of Iraq such as Baghdad, Basrah, Mosul, Erbil, Duhok, Al Sulaymaniyah, Al Najaf and Karbala.

With our local and qualified after-sales services partner, we provide 24/7 Customer Service.

you can reach after-sales services in Iraq at 009 647 503 465 362



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