The Stage 1A of the road project between Bidbid and Sur in Oman is being  by the joint venture of the Italian company Astaldi and the Turkish Özkar İnşaat. Meanwhile, the 75 km long Stage 1B is being implemented by the joint venture of STFA and the Australia based Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG). In both stages of this colossal project, the demand is being provided by stationary batch plants of 100 m³/hr ) and 120m³/hr capacity (MB-120W Stationary  manufactured by MEKA.

The road between Bidbid and Sur in Oman holds a significant place with respect to the economy and social life of Oman. With the project initiated by the Oman Government once the available road has proven to be inadequate, the road’s quality and capacity are being improved. In the project, of 117 million Omani riyals (approximately 325 million dollars) in value, the two-way double lane capacity road will be transformed into a four-lane double expressway. In addition, nine intersections, two underpasses, two overpasses, retaining walls and culverts will also be constructed within the scope of the project. Two Turkish companies are operating with their foreign partners in the different stages of the project planned to be completed in 2014.

Astaldi – Özkar JV

The 40 km part named Stage 1A of the road project between Bidbid and Sur will be completed by the Astaldi Özkar JV partnership. The Astaldi Company, with whom Özkar - one of Turkey’s leading companies - has associated with, has been operating in the design and construction of large scale engineering projects in Italy and the international market for 80 years.

STFA-HLG JV (Sezai Türkeş Fevzi Akkaya – Al Habtoor Leighton Group)

Meanwhile, the 75 km part of the project named Stage 1B will be completed by the STFA – HLG partnership. This stage also includes a 50km service road, 9 intersections, associated retaining walls and 2 underpasses. And the batch plant choice of the companies, each of which have successfully implemented world-scale projects in their own fields, in meeting the demand of this road project in Oman has once more been MEKA.



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