In Kazakhstan where construction activities are intense, total of public and service roads through the country is approximately 96.500 kilometers. In recent years, active works for increasing road quality have been enhanced, and important steps were taken to implement road projects that are important not only for Kazakhstan, but also for neighbor countries. “West Europe – West China” project which is the greatest road project of Kazakhstan that connects Chinese and Russian borders and passes through five regions of Kazakhstan was implemented by government support and participation of foreign partners.

In parallel with this project, the government also have started “Almatı-Oskemen” road construction that is approximately 1000 km under the “Nurly Yol” development program. Within the project, it was decided to completely restructure the roads, crossroads, overpasses, bridges and underpasses instead of renewal. Tendering and ordering of the project was conducted by the end user “KazAvtoZhol”, Kazakhstan national road operation institution. The road project which consists of total 9 parts was started to be constructed by contractors from 7 different countries.

In Kazakhstan, quality control of road constructions is done by five different departments. First of all, contractor company checks, after that technical inspection institution, monitoring and quality control institution, licensed laboratory of the relevant region “Oblzhollaboratoriya” and lastly the client “KazAvtoZhol” take over the road.

Quality of concrete to be used in concrete road construction is unquestionable. However it is not sufficient to use quality materials for special road concrete production as the main material; also the equipment used in production must be highly accurate. Samples taken from different concrete producers during laboratory tests have shown that the quality of concrete produced in MEKA Concrete Plant is above standard average.

In this major project, MEKA MB-135BM mobile concrete plant specially developed for road concrete was chosen. This plant which completely consists of mobile main body and bunker and has minimum essential requirements is fitted with Double Shaft mixer that has reinforced engine/reducer. With this configuration, MB-135BM can produce 3,5 m³ low slump concrete at once.



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