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MEKA Compact Sand Plants are designed to remove impurities such as silt and clay and eliminate loss of valuable fine to get the highest quality sand. The whole machine can be disassembled into several parts for easy transportation within a 40 ft container.

The MCSP can be introduced to quarrying, recycling and mining operations where the following
materials are being processed through a washing plant:
•    Sand & Gravel
•    Crushed Rock
•    Crusher dust
•    Iron ore
•    Other mineral ores
•    Construction & Demolition Waste Material

•    4th Generation Hydrocylones make better separation
Facilitates highly accurate separation of silts and clays from the final washed sand product.
•    Replaceable rubber liners for Hydrocyclone and Pump
Rubber lined pipework ensures maximum wear resistance to minimise lifetime cost of ownership.
•    Efficient Screening
High frequency vibrating motors ensure a high power to area ratio ensuring the most efficient dewatering of your sand product.
•    Discharge from top of the unit allows for gravity feed into thickener
Cyclone overflow containing waste material is discharged at the highest point of the plant which facilitates easy delivery to water treatment phase.

•    Available with Dry-Feed Boxes
•    Available in two product output versions
•    WS85 Dewatering Panels are widely available trough local suppliers
•    Pump does not require gland water
•    Pump & Cyclone has worldwide spare-parts and service availability through provider



MCSP 150

MCSP 210

Capacity (mtph) Capacity (stph) 90 100 150 165 210 231
Maximum Water Requirement (m³/h) Maximum Water Requirement (gal/min) 270 1188 450 1981 630 2773
Cyclone Diameter (mm) Cyclone Diameter (inch) 500 20 660 26 2 x 660 2 x 26
Screen Motor Power (kW) Screen Motor Power (HP) 2 x 2,88 / 1500 rpm 2 x 3,86 / 1500 rpm 2 x 7,35 / 1500 rpm 2 x 9,85 / 1500 rpm 2 x 6,1 / 1000 rpm 2 x 8,2 / 1000 rpm
Dewatering Screen Size (mm) Dewatering Screen Size (feet) 1200 x 2400 4 x 8 1800 x 2400 6 x 8 1800 x 4000 6 x 13
Pump Size (inch) Pump Size (mm) 8"/6" 200x150 8"/6" 200x150 10"/8" 250x200
Pump Power (kW) Pump Power (HP) 45 60 55 74 75 100
Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) 7475 16480 10900 24030 16750 36927
Capacity values are indicative only, results may vary depending on feed gradation, silt, clay content,density, amount of water used, equipment configuration and application.
Weights shown include drive motor package, support legs, maintenance platform, inlet and outlet chutes.


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