MEKA MB-C60B on the Dakar Coast

The construction of the one of the most prestigious marina projects in Les Almadies, Dakar, has started with MEKA concrete batching plant. The Spanish company chose MEKA for this major project, which involves the construction of a marina and a luxury hotel by the sea in Almadies.

In addition to its high productivity and equipment quality, the MEKA MB-C60B dry mix concrete batching plant was also chosen for this project because of its compliance with environmental standards.

The multilingual automation system on the MB-C60B concrete batching plant ensures that concrete is produced in top quality in accordance with standards and different recipes.

The square aggregate bunkers and compact design of the MEKA concrete batching plant ensure minimum land requirements on site, while significantly reducing transportation and concrete application costs.

The two 100-ton cement silos used with the MB-C60B concrete batching plant make it possible to store large quantities of cement on site.

Especially in recent years, MEKA has become one of the leading brands in Senegal with the quality, robustness and long service life of its concrete batching plants.

MEKA's affordable prices and available after-sales services are also the reasons for the preference of our customers in Senegal.



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