A Ready-Mix producer, a happy owner of a MEKA MB-K110 Batching Plant, has ordered two new MEKA MB-K110 plants for their new project in Lyon Édouard-Herriot port. This new order is MEKA's third batching plant installation in the Lyon region of France. 

Each batching plant has a 4 of 25 m3 Hot-Dip galvanized aggregate bins and a twin-shaft MEKA mixer with a compacted volume of 1500l. The main steel structure of the mixer is also hot-dip galvanized to provide extra corrosion protection. A sturdy chassis minimizes vibrations and allows for a more accurate weighing system. 

The plant is fully CE Complaint. Plant also is adapted to adhere with local environmental and safety practices for full legal compliance. In order to minimize environmental impact, all transfer points and all bins are covered with dust covers. Dusting around the mixer is minimized with a dust filter. Wash water and runaway water from the mixer are diverted to the water recycling unit to avoid contamination to the environment. The plant is also equipped with extra water lines to feed the reclaimed water back into

The mixer is equipped with safety locks to maximize health and safety protection. For the best utilization of available space, plants are placed side by side, and a single loading ramp has been designed for both plants. 

Aggregate bins are equipped with air cannons to cope with different feed materials. As a requirement of the client, a radial conveyor was placed before the transfer belt to divert material into a big-bag loading station. 

As the plant is located in a harbour, to protect the entire plant against corrosion, all non-galvanized items are protected with a two component acrylic coating. 

Our customer is one of the leading manufacturers in the Lyon region. We feel pride in meeting their extended requirement list and providing them a complete solution. 



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