Kazakhstan in our day has a positive attitude on preserving and bettering its contemporary opportunities and does a lot in the name of developing. Water has been added in the renewing activities that have been carried on many areas; therefore, the projects have gained higher importance. The Kazakhstan Government, which suggested the renewing of the Talas Dam and the channels that carry their waters to the dam, with a decision given in 2009, gave financial aid to this project from its budget.

The channel, which is situated in the Zhambly region and is within the borders of the Bayzak and Zhambyl provinces, is the right wing of the Talas River, which is fed by the Talas Dam. The Bazarbai Channel reaches out 3.500 meters in east, 18.069 meters in the province of Bayzak. Construction started in 2014 and is expected to be completed by 2017. ‘‘The Project of Renewing the Talas Dam and the Bazarbai Channel’’, is carried out by the Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Agriculture Water Spring Commission. The Too Akmola-Gidregeoglia Building Society makes the Project, which is of great importance for the nation, possible.

The company, which has foreseen the great need of  preferred the Meka Mobile MB-60M for it thought that it would be able to supply its 600 m³ - 1000 m³ daily. The Meka Mobile will make production careless of the rain and the hard weather conditions and the high quality produced by the same plant will be used in the channel, which will be completely newly built. Some of the coating of the channel will be made out of blocks beforehand prepared.

The Renewing Processes which Will be Carried within the Project

  • 1.Renewing the Bazarbai Channel
  • 2.Renewing the water-in channels and places
  • 3.Renewing the water-evacuation mouths.
  • 4.Renewing the barrier structure
  • 5.Renewing the water waste way
  • 6.Constructing passing ways on the channel
  • 7.Constructing the pedestrian paths on the channel
  • 8.Constructing water measuring centers
  • 9.Fish protection system and the construction of jacuzzi
  • 10.Renewing the central conducting building
  • 11.Coating the main water linking channel
  • 12.Renewing the water controlling and distributing center
  • 13.Outer electricity
  • 14.Inner electricity



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