On 1 October 2011, a group of 50 members of Union of Heavy Equipment Engineers (İMMB) made a technical tour to factories in organised industrial zones of Temelli, Ankara, and Eskisehir, upon invitation by MEKA Plants. Technical visit took huge demand in the wake of invitation by MEKA INC. to İMMB members; and within the scope of the tour, the participants found the opportunity to observe all stages of plant production. Participant group of 50 members, including senior officials from notable manufacturers in the sector such as Sanko Makine, Limak Holding and Nurol, gave production process and tour organisation of MEKA INC. thumbs up at the end of the visit.

In early morning hours of Saturday, 1 October, visitors departed from the union headquarters in Ostim and arrived at MEKA INC. plants within Capital Organised Industrial Zone of Temelli, and carried out certain inspections in the wake of breakfast organisation. MEKA INC. Chairman Mehmet Kaybal, as well as Erol Akçan, Şener Köken and Okan Karagözoğlu, Vice General Managers of Production, Finance and Marketing, respectively, and the authorised engineers of marketing and service assisted the participants, and the visitors could get firsthand detailed information regarding MEKA. After observing production process about mobile plants in Temelli plant, the participants passed to the factory in Organised Industrial Zone of Eskisehir. In the wake of the briefing with respect to production process of mixers used in plants, as well as on production of compact plants; and the barbecue party in factory garden pleased the gusto of guests.

Following technical observations at MEKA, the group visited Tülomsaş (Turkish Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc) factories, historical Odunpazari site, and glass arts museum in Eskisehir. After a boat tour on Porsuk River, they completed the tour drinking their teas sitting nearby Kentpark Lagoon at sunset.



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