Melen Dam thaw will have 45 installed power is within the scope of “Great Istanbul Water Supply Project” developed in order to meet drinking, usage and industrial water needs of Istanbul metropolitan area which lies between Çerkezköy and Silivri settlements in Thracian side and Gebze settlement in Anatolian side.

Aim of the project is to produce hydroelectric energy in addition to provide water in order to primarily meet drinking, usage and industrial water needs until 2040 within Istanbul metropolitan area making use of water potential of Büyük Melen Stream which is one of the significant water courses in Western Black Sea Basin. It also aims to contribute the economic and social development of the local people by enhancing water and soil resources of the region.

Ece Tur & Yöntaş, one of the leading contractor companies in Turkey, plans to complete continuing Melen Dam Project construction on Melen Stream. In the project, 195 m³/h capacity RCC fixed produced by MEKA is used. In RCC plant, there are two 4,5m³ double shaft mixers on the main body. Highly resistant Ni-hard alloyed body abrasion resistant components, mixers and stripper pallets were specially designed for the RCC o be produced. This plant operates smoothly under challenging conditions thanks to its high quality materials and special design, and it was designed and produced to meet high amounts of needs within limited time. Having provided services for business partners in special projects without any problems, MEKA is the primary choice since it has proven its success and quality in this area.



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