The strong partnership between MEKA and Ilgaz Construction moved abroad this time.

The construction tender of the southern Bucharest ring road project which is one of the important projects in Bucharest, Romania was won by Alarko Construction. The partner of Alarko Construction in this project is Ilgaz Construction in the field of production.

The first and onlychoice of Ilgaz Construction has always been MEKA lgaz Construction, which has a total of 5 MEKA , has preferred again MEKA for this large project in Romania.

The Bucharest Ring Road Project of an approximate total length of 51,3 km will connect the A2 motorway at the east exit of the city extending in the Constanza direction with the A1 Motorway at the west exit of the city in the direction of Piteşti. The completion of the project will alleviate the transit traffic and the inner-city traffic. The Project will contribute greatly to the sustainability of Romania’s development.

The scope of the project consists of the design and construction work of lot 1 of approximately 17 km and Lot 2 of approximately 16,3 km. The said motorway consists of 2 x 2 lanes with emergency lanes in both directions. 

Within this project, the scope of Lot 1 consists of 9 bridges, 2 intersections, 2 short time parking areas, 1 maintenance area, and that of Lot 2 of 12 bridges, 2 intersections, 1 short time parking area, and 1 maintenance area. The Project is planned to be finished in 42 months.

For this project, MEKA MB-100M Mobile Plant which is combining the durability of stationary plants with the flexibility of the mobile design has been preferred.

MEKA MB-100M Mobile lant has 2,0 m³ MEKA Twin-shaft Mixer and 4x 15 m³ Square Type Aggregate Bin. This mobile plant is equipped with 2 units 100 Ton Bolted Cement Silo.

To eliminate the cost of making a one-side or two-sideaggregate loading ramp MEKA MB-100M Mobile lant is equipped with a compact type aggregate pre-feeding system for efficient loading.

MEKA MB-100M Mobile lant is equipped with a high weighing precision weighing conveyor and weighing bunkers. The whole  production process is carried out with a fully automatic computerized control system that has a PLC system. Thanks to SCADA based production software,  can be produced by the recipe, and all parameters can be controlled and recorded. mixer with high weighing precision and advanced technology directly affects the uality positively.

MEKA continues to be the primary choice of the construction leaders’ in the world with its high quality and reliable lant solutions.



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