Meka is Chosen by Kocalar Beton as an Investment in Crushing & Screening

One of Ankara’s most important companies, Kocalar Group, has previously invested both in crushing and screening plants and concrete batching plants. They already use Meka concrete batching plants and always express their pleasure over our performance. Kocalar Group has informed us that they will invest in a new crushing and screening plant with a capacity of 500 t/h, and they have chosen to step forward with Meka’s brand and technology.

The crushing and screening plant has been installed on the road of Çubuk in the Şabanözü area. The plant has an open pre-stock after the primary crusher. The crushed material is stocked in the pre-stock area and transferred with vibrating feeders fixed to the tunnel under the pre-stock area for the secondary and tertiary crushing process. Two main crushing groups can be operated independently. Twin screens installed on four pieces of 100-m3 stock silos separate the material according to the required dimensions without mixing them. This method accelerates the loading process by allowing the trucks to enter under the stock silos.

The plant will be able to supply 0–5mm product as 50 percent of total capacity. This product is one of the most required needs for ready-mixed concrete suppliers. The dimensions of the products may be adjusted optionally with the check valves and crusher settings. Taking advantage of the natural ground inclination, we have specified the most suitable installation plan for the area and reduced the length of the belt conveyors to the optimal size.

Kocalar Group’s crushing and screening plant, one of the most impressive in Ankara, is open for visits from our customers who may be interested in seeing our products in action.