ENKA continues with its energy investments, both domestically and internationally.In the two power plant projects of the company, in Iraq and Libya, the demand is met by mobile batch plants of 60m³/hr capacity (MB-60M Mobile  supplied by MEKA.

Enka, one of the largest construction companies of Turkey, focuses on engineering and construction, energy generation, real property investment and management projects and the industry and trade sectors.

Emerging with the identity of an energy operator since 1998 and being one of the most powerful companies in the energy sector, Enka also continues to increase its capacity rapidly, by implementing new projects. One of the ongoing projects of Enka in the field of energy is the Al Najybia 4x125 Mw Gas Turbine Power Plant in the Basra region of Iraq. The 237 Million US Dollars contract of the project has been signed at the beginning of 2012.

Will be completed in 19 months

Enka Teknik, the Enka Group subsidiary who has been awarded the tender; will complete the gas turbine power plant on 500 Mw power in total, to be comprised of 4 units, each of which are 125 Mw, at the end of 19 months, and take it into operation in the autumn months of 2013. In the power plant project, which is being built by the Iraq Ministry of Electricity and will meet the energy requirement of the Basra region to a large extent, the  demand is been supplied by 2 MB-60M Mobile 

Meanwhile, another ongoing international project of Enka Teknik is the Obari Gas Turbine project, which will be 4x160Mw in power. The project has been initiated in 2012, camp mobilization has been completed to a large extent and the activities have been accelerated at the beginning of 2013, by the foundation pour for the first turbine. On December 31st, 2012, the official ceremony for the facility has been held by the Libyan Deputy Prime Minister. The scope of the project also includes the construction of a crude oil pipeline of approximately 50 kilometers in length. The total of the material supply, construction and installation works, commissioning and training works within the scope of Enka Teknik in this project is 170 million Euros. Enka Teknik’s choice in this project also has been a Meka 60m³/hr capacity mobile 



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