Provide outstanding performance for all screening applications


Portable Horizontal screens are wheel-mounted, and provide a combination of quality, reliability, performance, long service life while operating under the most demanding applications.They are used in multistage crushing process or as a stand-alone unit screening pre-crushed material. Powered by electricity they are designed for maximum efficiency with a high throughput.
These screens provide outstanding performance for all screening applications and can be widely used in mining, aggregates, and concrete and asphalt recycling. The special applications for Portable Horizontal screens include:
• When fine screening with a large percentage of near size product,
• Wet washing,
• When low head room is critical
We offer a wide range of portable units to fulfil your screening needs, designed with many features aimed at high capacity production and ease of operation. With many advanced design features common throughout this range, all models combine mobility and flexibility, with high quality production, maximum uptime and low cost per tonne operation.


High Performance and Reliability
MEKA MHS Horizontal Screens;

• Highly efficient and accurate on board 2 or 3 deck screens for product classification
• Material can be fed by conveyor belt from a crusher or through a separate feed hopper to the screen
• The screens elliptical motion is combined with high acceleration, thereby bringing more power into play than in traditional screens. This ‘’high power’’ feature delivers better performance in terms of both throughput and screening efficiency.
• Screen virtually non-plugging
• Ability to fine tune stroke angle, amplitude and speed adds versatility in meeting changing screening conditions
• Extra-strong body construction, durable bearing mountings, computer designed chrome-moly-nickel gear set with premium metallurgy extend service life.
• Self aligning taper roller bearings to withstand the high thrust and radial loads under which the drive shafts of the triple drive system operate.
• Oil lubrication in an oil bath, which reduces operating temperature for increased bearing life and results in low maintenance.
• Able to operate in open or closed circuit
• Premium quality components for durability and wear lined impact zones
• Quick and easy replacement of wear parts, which keeps your screen productive with minimal downtime

Safe and easy to operate and maintain

• Operator-friendly unit with spacious and accessible platforms make the daily operation and maintenance simpler, safer, and faster.
• Drive safety guards and multiple emergency stop buttons for safe operation.
• Removable electrical control panel can be located on the ground during operation
• Low emissions due to electrical operation, minimizing environmental impact


• Compact layout and excellent stability
• The unit can work as stand alone or interlocked in a multistage crushing process with crushing units
• Built for hard and abrasive rock
• Heavy duty chassis beams, strength analysis on structural parts and quality components for durability.
• All onboard components are electrically driven giving reliability and minimal maintenance.
• Low cost per tonne due to electric operation
• Quick to set-up and easy access for service and maintenance, resulting in more uptime and higher productivity
• Capable of operating in the most hostile environments.


• Safety guards to screen drives
• Steel Wire cloth
• Steel coil springs
• Rollaway discharge chute on screen provides easy access for service and maintenance
• Fitted with flap gates to optimize the quality and capacity in different applications
• Maintenance platform with handrails and access ladder
• Self contained electrical switchgear cabinet with controls for screen, and on-board conveyors (includes plugs and receptacles)
• Emergency stop buttons
• 2” / 3 ½” King-pin, double-axle bogie with air-brakes, travel lights, mudflaps, trailer suitable for 24 V supply


• Hydraulic support legs, which enable yet quicker and easier set-up when the screen is transported to another location without using heavy cranes
• Dust suppression water spray system
• Reinforced rubber springs when there is a risk of corrosion or abrasion, additionally providing lower operation noise, increase safety for operators, smoother shut down of the screen
• Washing system for wet processing, including fine/coarse material washers
• Rubber and Polyurethane screen media for the screening of highly corrosive materials
• Consult MEKA for screen, conveyor, axle, jack, and power options


MPHS 1860/3

MPHS 2460/3

Model MHS 1860/3 MHS 1860/3 MHS 2460/3 MHS 2460/3
Width Width 1 800 mm 6' 2 400 mm 8'
Length Length 6 100 mm 20' 6 100 mm 20'
Decks Decks 3 3 3 3
Motor Power Motor Power 30 kW 41 HP 37 kW 50 HP
Belt Width Belt Width 1200 mm 47" 1600 mm 63"
Length Length 9 000 mm 29' 6'' 9 000 mm 29' 6''
Motor Power Motor Power 7.5 kW 10 HP 2 x 5.5 kW 2 x 7.5 HP
Belt Width Belt Width 800 mm 31" 800 mm 31"
Length Length 3 000 mm 9' 10'' 3 000 mm 9' 10''
Motor Power Motor Power 5.5 kW 7.5 HP 5.5 kW 7.5 HP
Length Length 11 600 mm 38' 11 600 mm 38'
Width Width 3 600 mm 11' 10'' 3 600 mm 11' 10''
Height Height 4 300 mm 14' 1'' 4 300 mm 14' 1''
Weight Weight 30 000 kg 66 100 lbs 32 000 kg 70 600 lbs
Length Length 12 600 mm 41' 4'' 12 600 mm 41' 4''
Width Width 4 000 mm 13' 1'' 5 400 mm 17' 9''
Height Height 4 600 mm 15' 1'' 4 600 mm 15' 1''


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