Wobbler Feeder

Scalping out fines and feeding only oversize to crusher


Especially in case of difficult to screen, wet, sticky bulk materials this kind of feeding and scalping distinctly outclasses the traditional screening machines, which frequently show baking and adhesions with these materials. The positive action of the rotating triangular bars causes material to tumble forward assuring separation of fines and a uniform feed rate. In heavy duty, high capacity applications, the wobbler is often fed from a heavy duty apron feeder.

MEKA MWF wobbler feeder series has been installed globally over the years and has been proved to be a very successful piece of equipment allowing for the screening and cleaning of wet, muddy and sticky materials.
Exclusively designed non clogging and self cleaning triangular bars, it is a sturdy machine suitable for heavy duty work.
Recommended for pre-screening and cleaning of dirty material with a high content of clay and moisture.

Wobbler Feeders

Furthermore the downstream crusher is relieved
through a wobbler feeder which obviously results in
reduced wear, a reduced energy consumption and at
best in using a smaller crusher.

In general wobbler feeders
entail reduced energy and operational costs
and/or an increased operational reliability.

Wobbler Feeders

Used before primary crushers, wobbler feeders excel where others fail in situations too wet and sticky for other feeders and scalpers.
Thanks to the unique concept design and mode, they allow to achieve a sufficiently clean product; output products will be suitable for next crushing stage.
As the transportation of the material is effected horizontally, the subsequent crusher is fed gently and constantly.


The compact design, resulting from the horizontal material flow, as well as a multitude of options permit the application in many ranges, above as well as underground.


MEKA Wobbler Feeders operate without generating dust, vibration, or loud noise and with low energy consumption,
also reduces work safety and environmental risks, ensures trouble-free feeding of especially high moist and sticky materials thanks to its long disc life and long service life.

Wobbler Feeders

MEKA wobbler feeders are self-cleaning and designed to resist clogging and reduce blinding.

They also feature an automatic lubrication system and bars are manufactured from cast wear metal, providing a much longer service life than plate style bars.

Wobbler Feeders
Apron Feeder
How Wobbler Feeders Work

The Wobbler Feeder consists of a frame, triangular bars and a chain drive system used to rotate the bars. The transmission is driven by an electric motor, a reduction gear unit and a series of chains with oil bath lubrication. The drive system connects all the bars with a single or double strand chain that attaches to sprockets on each bar. This maintains the gap, or opening, between the bars at the same dimension throughout the bar rotation. The triangular or circular shafts with self-cleaning disc rotate synchronously to each other and fine materials, sludge fragments and waste materials that are not required to enter the main crusher fall down through the opening defined in the design by gravity.

Popular Applications

MEKA Wobbler Feeder is used in aggregate and mining applications to sort the run-of-mine material before the primary crusher. This scalping of the feed reduces unnecessary wear on the primary crusher. Since scalping the feed reduces the amount of material going into the primary crusher, it also reduces the required size and capacity of the crusher needed. Depending on the application, they can be fed by an apron feeder or directly via trucks or loaders. They can also be used in secondary applications to separate already crushed feed material. MEKA Wobbler Feeder is available as a one or multi-stage device. Due to a modularization of the wobbler feeder length almost any sizes of separation surfaces may be realized. Plants of this type are suited for different operations in limestone, clay stone, coal, natural stone, salt, gypsum and other materials.



MWF 1035

MWF 1235

MWF 1440

MWF 1640

MWF 1650

WXL (mm) WXL (inchxfeet) 1000x3500 39x11 1200x3500 47x11 1400x4000 55x13 1600x4000 63x13 1600x5000 63x16
DRIVE (kW) DRIVE (HP) 22 30 22 30 30 40 37 50 45 60
CAPACITY (mtph) CAPACITY (stph) 200-300 220-330 300-400 330-440 350-450 385-496 400-500 440-550 500-600 550-660
"At specified inclination and 1.6 t/m3. Capacities depend not only on feeder size but also on feeder inclination, feed gradation, etc. Feeders can be supplied in lengths to suit customers’ requirements.“



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