Concrete Batching Solutions


Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants are employed in the vast production of high-quality  products for a variety of construction materials and uses. Mobile, Stationary and Compact are some of the  equipment and models that can be used depending on the scope of the project, the construction topography and the preference of the customer. Personalised or custom designed solutions can also be designed on demand.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants are often composed of huge twin shaft mixers that are designed to work at full capability, efficiency and reliability for a variety of large scale and high-quality production. Stationary production equipment is built to offer maximum rated production capacity, work long hours, and are yet boast immense flexibility to be used for several projects – especially massive infrastructural and precast projects.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile concrete batching plants consist of portable shaft mixers are designed to be moveable and thus are installed on towable chassis with wheels for maximum mobility and quick setup. Mobile batching plants are perfect for temporary construction sites or construction projects where the equipment would only be needed for specific and brief portions of the projects. Mobile equipment can be easily installed and dismantled and as such require very minimal preparation or set up before use.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Compact Concrete Batching Plants are made up of smaller units of pre-designed or pre-wired production equipment that are often transported in batches to be finally assembled at the site they are to be used. This ensures that transportation is both faster and easier. This compact design ensures that the compact plant combines some of the mobility advantages of the mobile batching plants and the performance prowess of the stationary batching plant.

Dry Batch Concrete Batching Plants

In completely galvanised and containerised Dry Batch Plants, the initial mixing of the is done by a shaft mixer in a separate mixer truck. This method of production has the advantage of requiring a smaller initial investment. Also, it is convenient in instances where the premixed would need to be transported to a farther distance to the main construction site.


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