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Different types and characteristics can be achieved with a variety of additives, powders, fibers and many other options. MEKA offers additional weighing equipment for automatic manufacturing.
Micro Silica weighing hoppers (dry or slurry)

Silica Fume or Micro Silica is a by-product with a diameter around 150Nm that has been vented into air during silicon metal or ferrosilicon material manufacturing for years until researches have found a beneficial use for it in the  production industry. Reacting with the cement in the  it allows foralmost 1000 times less water permeability, less water bleeding, less iron corrosion, increased cohesion (for shotcrete applications) and higher abrasion resistance.
Silica is normally supplied in 2 forms: Dry Powder or Premixed Slurry

For Dry Powder:

We offer a weighing hopper (cement-like). Since micro silica is 100 times thinner than cement it can not be transferred as cement. The silica screw conveyor has to be used with much lesser angle to provide the adequate material flow. In this case the silica silo has to be raised to a certain level. Steel legs for micro silica silo can be offer to minimize the foundation requirements.

For Premixed Slurry:

If micro silica comes as a premixed slurry a micro silica tank with an agitator (to provide constant homogeneity) can be offered along with micro silica slurry pump and weighing scales.

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Ice Weighing Hopper:

We offer galvanized ice weighing hoppers that can be installed over the aggregate transfer belt or a skip hoist. Ice is being discharged onto the aggregates while transferring to ensure the fastest and equal cooling of all material.

Ice Screw Conveyor:

We offer isolated ice screw conveyors with special coating to prevent ice adhesion. Screw conveyor is being adopted to the ice making machine according to layout.

Ice weighing hoppers and ice screw conveyors

Ice addition to the mix instead of water is a very wide spread application in countries with hot climatic conditions.

Components & Options
Flowmeters for water, additives and other fluids

Flowmeters provide high accuracy measurement and are widely used were weighing is not possible or very high accuracy and tempered or controlled flow is required. On the other hand, flowmeters are not affected by vibrations and wind and provide constant accuracy.
We offer flowmeters for water, additives and other fluids where necessary or by customer’s request. Flowmeter for water is usually used with Mixer Moisture Probe for necessary water ratio correction or for tempered water addition where necessary.

Components & Options
Additional Cement/Fly Ash/Lime/GGBS/Anhydrite weighing hoppers

Several additional weighing hoppers for different materials can be implemented on the main chassis of the (on some models). Pigment (paint) addition to s widely used in Precast Manufacturingfor decorative applications and manufacturing of colorful tiles. Extremely high accuracy is required for each batch in precast products and paint dosing is not an exception. We offer paint hoppers with micro feeders for exact weighing with 0 tolerance to ensure that each product’s color is exactly the same.

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Automatic fiber dosing systems for soft or steel/polypropylene fiber

Meka fiber feeding systems are equipped with cylindrical spiral fiber feeding lines and installed on a robust steel structure. Two adjustable vibrators allow the required movement of the vessel. Units are pre-installed and tested in the factory and shipped in a condition ready to operate. Site installation is done quickly thus allowing immediate production.

Components & Options
Lead ball weighing and feeding system (for extra heavy types)

Lead balls are widely used in nuclear industry for manufacturing of extra heavy  types with radiation protection properties. Mixing such type of  requires extremely durable mixer design and proper weighing system.We offer lead ball weighing and feeding systems that are specially designed for nuclear industry. Precise hydraulic gate feeds the balls onto the aggregates on the aggregate transfer belt to ensure the even distribution and prevent the roll back.

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Additional measurement and monitoring equipment allows full control of the mixture’s consistency, temperature of the materials, stock level and other important characteristics.
Aggregate moisture probe

Aggregate moisture probes are used for water weighing correction to provide consistent slump and water ratio during mass production.
We offer microwave moisture probes with ceramic surface protection. Automation system will automatically adjust the water according to the probe readings from the aggregates.

Mixer moisture probe and flowmeter for water/cement ratio correction

Mixer moisture probe is a useful tool that allows to check the moisture/consistency/slump of the mixture directly on the go.We offer microwave mixer moisture probes with ceramic surface protection and flowmeters for automatic water correction. When run in automatic mode the automation system will weigh all the required materials and a certain amount of water, that can be adjusted. After mixing for a certain period of time the system will check the moisture of the mix and add calculated amount of water according to the readings of the mixer moisture probe.

Components & Options
Mixture, Aggregates, Cement and Water Temperature sensors

The temperature of the final product is affected by all the ingredients respectively. It is possible to prevent defects by monitoring the temperatures of this ingredients. These sensors are very useful in very hot and cold weather conditions.
We offer temperature sensors for mixture, cement, water and aggregates. All of them can be seen on the main screen of the automation system.

Mixer slump reader

The simplest way to determine the slump of the mixture is to check the readings of the mixer ammeter. Experienced operators do not require any special tools for that. The see if the mix is ready or not just by looking at the indicators.
We offer a comprehensive tool which is using the ammeter readings and turns them into visual scale right on the screen of the automation system.

Silo level control accessories (Radar/Ultrasonic measurement)

Radar and Ultrasonic level indicators are perfect tools for constant silo level monitoring and can be offered in addition to standard High/Low level indicators.

Components & Options

Radial and Shuttle-Conveyor aggregate pre-feeding systems

Aggregate feeding systems allow easier operation and eliminate the construction of big loading ramps.
Shuttle-Conveyor Feeding

This option is normally more suitable for loading the aggregate bins with 6+ compartments and on sites with different elevations where radial conveyor can not be used. A fixed aggregate feeding bin and conveyor transfer the aggregates to the shuttle-conveyor that can rotate to both sides. Shuttle-conveyor is moving on rails on the top of the main aggregate bin and its position is controlled by the switches.Both feeding systems can either be operated manually from the panel or with a wireless control from the loader.

Radial Feeding

Conveyor position change is being done with the help of a chassis with wheels. Up to 5 bins can be fed with one radial conveyor. Feeding bin stays fixed while the conveyor moves from one side to another.

Components & Options
Two discharge legs

Adding a second discharge leg generally reduces the capacity losses related to mixer approach times.

Components & Options

Wet, Dry & Half-Wet Options


Most of our products are designed for wet  production. While it is the most popular type in our area Dry and Half-Wet applications are well demanded in other parts of the world.


Main chassis of some models can be modified for additional dry leg to provide the flexibility of producing Wet & Dry mixes simultaneously.


A useful application to get the best of both worlds. During Half-Wet operation aggregates bypass the mixer and only sand with other materials are being mixed in the mixer. While this application reduces the overall capacity it drastically increases the lifetime of the mixer wearing linings.

Components & Options
Swivel Chute to prevent  leak on the trucks

Drive through operation comes with obvious capacity advantages over reverse approach applications. But drive through requires the truck to pass under the discharge chute completely. Remnants continue to leak for a while even after the mixer is completely discharged and when the truck passes under itremaining spills on the cabin and the mixer body.
We offer hydraulic retractable swivel chutes to prevent  spillage on the mixer trucks where drive through operation is a must.

Moving discharge chutes for different operations

Moving discharge chutes are mostly used in precast and pavement applications where the discharge height is adjusted according to a certain level.

Components & Options
High Pressure Mixer Washout System

70 bar high pressure mixer washout system can be offered upon request.

Filter over the mixer for dust suppression

A dust collecting filter can be installed over the mixer upon request. While our standard By-pass system that is connecting the mixer, cement weighing hopper and aggregate holding hopper together provides a significant dust reduction and prevents vacuum inside the cement weigh hopper, some countries require filter over the mixer as a standard.

Components & Options
Cement transfer system (BIG-BAG or standard)

In some countries and in some distant locations cement is not always available in truck deliveries. Users have to opt between 50kg standard bags or 1-2 ton Big-Bags. Filling these into the silo requires a special blower or screw conveyor system.

Compressor based system

The most convenient and fast cement transfer system. 8 m³ tank is filled from standard or big-bags and the cement or micro silica is being blown into the silo with the help of a separate compressor.

Screw conveyor based system

Depending on the height of the silo a cheaper model with screw conveyor provides constant filling into the silos. Standard or big-bags load a small bin that is connected with the silo with the help of a screw conveyor.

Components & Options
100x100mm aggregate bin mesh

Mesh is not just screening out the bigger fractions but is protecting the parts of the plant. We offer heavy duty design which includes round bars fitted inside the rectangular bars for lower abrasion and longer lifetime.

Components & Options
Steel frames to minimize the foundation work for main elements and silos

Foundation work is adding a significant cost to the first investment. Especially for temporary installations and constant relocations this investment can be avoided with our steel frames/foundations. Steel foundations can be offered for cement silos, main chassis and other elements of the batch plants. They reduce the installation time and ground work.

Steel ramp walls for aggregate bins

Steel ramp wall is another application that reduces the foundation work and the cost for ground work. Steel ramp wall is fixed to a slab foundation and eliminates the need of building high walls for aggregate bin feeding ramp.

Components & Options
Pressurized water booster tank for constant water pressure

Constant water supply to the height of more than 5 meters under the pressure of 4bar is very important in production. Large amounts of water must be weighed within around 30 seconds, which not all the water lines can provide. Water booster can eliminate the problems with water supply. A 1000-liter expansion tank with a rubber balloon filled with nitrogen gas inside keeps water ready for supply. A pump starts only when the pressure in the tank drops under a certain level.

Compressors with air dryers or dryers separately

For locations with elevated humidity compressors with air dryers or air drying systems can be supplied. Air dryer protects the compressor and all the air system from moisture. It ensures longer life-time of the air equipment and pistons.

Components & Options
Air cannons for aggregate bins

In certain situations, it is not possible to completely discharge the aggregate bin and remove all the material completely without the workers getting inside it.Air cannons allow a high-pressure air blast inside the aggregate bin which allows complete discharge of the aggregate bin.

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MEKA can be operated in different climate conditions. We offer both cooling and heating systems.
Heating Options - Principles of Operation

During cold winter times in order to get a desired  temperature aggregates and water must be heated up. A steam/hot water generator produces a certain amount of steam and hot water at the same time. After the aggregates have been loaded, electrically controlled covers must be closed.As steam passes through the aggregate bin heat exchangers (open type - with steam injection or closed type - without steam injection) aggregates heat up. According to the outside temperature the heat up process time may vary.
After aggregates are warmed up batch process can be started. "Sandwich" paneling keeps the interior warm during operation and for a long period of time after the system has been shut down. After cold start up first several batches may not be warmed up enough. In order to get a better temperature control for the operator, temperature and moisture sensors can be installed.

Steam/Hot water generators

A steam or hot water generator of adequate capacity supplies steam or hot water to the system. Diesel/Natural Gas/Fuel oil/LPG or mixed burner types can be installed. Containerized type, easy maintenance, high quality, high efficiency.
- Steam (closed/open cycle), hot water or hot air suppliers for aggregate bins
- Cladding with sandwich panels or corrugated steel panels
- Covers over the aggregate bins

Components & Options
Cooling Options Principles of Operation

During hot summer times, in order to get a desired temperature water must be cooled down. A chiller system is continuously circulating the water in a tank. Cooled water is being pumped to the weighing scales.

In extreme hot conditions cooling the water may not be enough. In this case ice must be used. MEKA offers ice weighing hoppers and ice screw conveyors to implements them into the batching process. Ice making machines must be purchased separately.

- Chillers different capacities
- Ice Weighing hoppers

Components & Options


Take care of your people on the highest level. Ask for additional health and safety options.

- Guarding of moving parts
- Pinch valves
- Safety locking systems
- Silo pressure sensors and alarms


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