Trust and Quality with MEKA K-110 in Diyarbakır City Hospital Construction

MEKA continues to offer quality in the construction sector. The K-110 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant was used in the construction of the City Hospital in Diyarbakır, a huge project built on a closed area of 263 thousand square meters with 1000 beds, once again underlining its quality and durability.

Diyarbakır City Hospital is a modern and comprehensive facility that will increase the quality of healthcare services in the region. Equipped with 820 earthquake isolators, the hospital is designed to provide maximum security against possible natural disasters. These isolators aim to minimize the loss of life and property by protecting the building during a possible earthquake.

K-110 was selected as one of the main structural elements of the project and adds value to the construction process with its superior technology and robustness. K-110 is known for its high performance and reliability, and also stands out with its environmentally friendly production processes.

This project is a vivid example of how MEKA's innovative approaches and quality products in the construction sector can make a difference in major infrastructure projects. The K-110 used in the construction of Diyarbakır City Hospital is a testament to the value the company brings to the industry and its engineering achievements.

While MEKA Global is proud of its place in this project, it continues on its path as a pioneer of quality and innovation in the construction industry, and continues to add value to the sector with projects around the world. This successful implementation has been recorded as an important milestone that reinforces the company's vision and trust in the sector.



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