MEKA Supports the Recovery of the Earthquake Region with Concrete Batching Plants

MEKA has recently installed more than 30 concrete batching plants in the earthquake zone and continues to contribute to the reconstruction of both the superstructure and infrastructure of the region. 

Most recently, MEKA engineers successfully installed and commissioned one concrete batching plant in Nurdağı, Gaziantep and one in Payas, Hatay for our customer, a contractor of the General Directorate of Highways. These concrete batching plants will be used in road and viaduct repair and reinforcement projects damaged by the earthquake.  

The C 100 Compact Concrete Batching Plant commissioned in Hatay Payas has a concrete production capacity of 90-100 m³/hour. C 100 Compact Concrete Batching Plant, which can be installed in a smaller area with its compact structure, can be installed completely on zero level thanks to its special steel legs and there is no need to make a concrete foundation with special shoes. This plant, which can be installed and dismantled quickly, is preferred in projects that require frequent relocation. 

It has 4x 25 m³ Inline Type Aggregate Bunker and 2,25 m³ MEKA Twinshaft mixer. The main chassis where the mixer is located is completely hot dip galvanized. Cement-water-additive scales on the main chassis; platforms, stairs and railings are completely galvanized. 

Aggregate pouring chutes, weighing bunker and weighing conveyor of 4x 25 m³ Inline Type Aggregate Bunker and safety guards are completely hot dip galvanized. The use of galvanized units protects the plant against corrosion and external influences and significantly extends its service life. 

The SIEMENS PLC and special SIEMENS Swarex weighing modules used in MEKA batching plants ensure the highest level of weighing accuracy, and all production and shipment reports can be easily obtained in detail with the special concrete batching plant production software developed by MEKA software engineers. 

The same customer, who has purchased 2 concrete batching plants for the earthquake zone and is very satisfied, has also ordered the 3rd C 100 Compact Concrete Batching Plant from MEKA for his project in Artvin. 



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