Discover High-Tech Crushing and Screening Plant in Bou Saâda, Algeria

In our 250 t/h capacity plant, which we established in Bou Saâda, Algeria, superior performance and efficiency have been achieved.

Equipment Used in the Plant

1. MSIH 1115 Secondary Impact Crusher:

Special Design: Thanks to the special design of the crusher pallets and crushing chamber, high efficiency and capacities can be achieved without the need for a 3rd pendulum liner.

High Efficiency: This design allows the crushers to operate more efficiently, which increases the overall production capacity.

2. MS 1540/2 Bypass Screen:

A bypass screen is also used in the plant to optimize the material flow.

3. MS 2460 / 4 Deck Inclined Screens:

Large Screening Surface: With a 14.4 m² screening surface, these screens can process a large material surface.

Multiple Screening Capacity: These screens, which can produce 4 different final products at the same time, make a significant contribution to the plant's high sand production capacity.

Advantages of the Plant

High Capacity: The 250 t/h capacity plant offers an ideal solution for large projects.

Flexible Production: The ability to produce four different products simultaneously adapts to various project requirements.

Advanced Technology: Thanks to the MSIH 1115 model secondary impact crusher and other high-tech equipment, it offers high productivity and low maintenance costs.


Our plant in Bou Saâda, Algeria is equipped with MEKA's innovative solutions and advanced technology. With high capacity, flexible production possibilities and efficient equipment utilization, this plant is ready to meet the requirements of large projects. The combination of the MSIH 1115 model secondary impact crusher and other equipment ensures optimum performance and low operating costs. These features facilitate the completion of projects on time and within budget.



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