Wet Processing

To produce standardised, clean and washed aggregates MEKA offers an extensive product portfolio to work in many applications supporting customers in the washing minerals industry. MEKA products have excellent reliability, are easy to transport, operate and provide fast onsite installation.

Fine Material Washers

MEKA Fine Material Washers are accomplished by hydraulic separation; using water to clean and classify by weight. Larger particles (Sand) weigh more so they sink and are collected in the bottom of the trough. They are discharged by steel spiral shaft with replaceable polyurethane or cast steel linings. The smaller lighter unwanted particles are floated to the surface and discharged over the weirs at the lower end of the machine.

Coarse Material Washer

When you need more than high pressure spray bars MEKA Coarse Washers will hapilly break down mudy clumps for you. With configurable speed, screw and paddle configuration the unit can easily be adjusted for various applications.

Compact Sand Plants

MEKA Compact Sand Plants are designed to remove impurities such as silt and clay and eliminate loss of valuable fine to get the highest quality sand. The whole machine can be disassembled into several parts for easy transportation within a 40 ft container.

Log Washer

Log washers are very high energy units designed to disintegrate tough clay particles. With longer wash tubs they provide significantly increased retention time. Retention can further be increased by switching to straight paddle design and higher working angles. All MEKA Log washers are provided with spray bars to make a final rinse before the product leaves the wash box.

Blade Mill

Blade Mills are used as conditioner before screening process to increase sand equivalency and screening efficiency. They are also well-suited for processing various non-aggregate hard ores containing water-soluble clays and silts. Blade Mill designed to scrub and clean gravel and crushed stone up to 75mm (3’’) in size.


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