MEKA and Berkshire Engineering installed a new that is the biggest wet plant in London/Wembley. The plant comprises 2x5.0 m³ twin-shaft mixers with dedicated aggregate holding hoppers and 6x75 m³ aggregate storage bins with independent aggregate weighing hoppers, allowing for the simultaneous weighing of all the aggregates, which significantly increases the overall output capacity of the plant. MEKA continues to be the choice of professionals with its effective solutions.

MEKA MB-300W  installed for CAPITAL in Wembley district of London, was officially put into use in October 2018 This special t can produce up to 300 m³/h of Ready-Mix and is equipped with 2x5.0 m³ Frequency-Controlled Twinshaft mixers. The ability of the mixers to operate separately provides great energy savings on days that require low capacity operation. Two 3x75 m³ aggregate bins that feed the mixers can make 5m³ of aggregates ready within 13 seconds in individual weighing hoppers under each bin. Optionally, the plant can smoothly operate either with all 6 bins or just 3.

6x75 m³ aggregate bins are fed with 400 tons/hour capacity shuttle type pre-feeding system with frequency controller that allows the belt to start under load after an emergency stop. The same option was provided for the aggregate transfer belt conveyor to the mixers. With the aim of using aggregate bins at maximum capacity, material spread feature has been added to shuttle conveyor. On the aggregate bins, the maintenance platform has been designed in accordance with the UK’s special Health and Safety standards. A two-layered maintenance platform has been added for easy intervention at each level under the bins. The entrances under are being controlled by separate doors. Highest-level security has been provided.

The main chassis unit is very different from the usual structures. Vertical stairs were not used, and 4 different floor platforms were formed. With the high-capacity filtration system, dust formation has been reduced to minimum and an environmentally sensitive structure has been achieved. The fixed crane is integrated in the system to facilitate the upward movement of heavy equipment. The mixers, cleaned with high pressure mixer washing system, discharge the waste water directly into the waste pool with a special chute, or the system can optionally use that water in the next batch. Hot-dip galvanizing process was applied to a large part of the structures to minimize corrosion.

Silos are placed on steel feet and the filling lines are designed to be filled from a single point. The maintenance platforms at the bottom of the silo are connected to each other. Reaching the top of the silo is done with these platforms. Thus, during the climbing up the silo the rest platforms are extended, and comfortability is provided.



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