Thanks to its rich natural gas reserves in Central Asia, Turkmenistan remarkably progressed especially in construction sector, after gaining independence. Today, construction investments in the country reach at $48 billions. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, who talked at Cabinet Meeting for assessment of the first quarter of 2011, stated that the consistency, huge natural resources and convenient legal situation increases the interest of foreign investors in Turkmenistan. Declaring that the investment in over 2,000 construction plants have attained $48 billions, Berdimuhamedow informed that the railway line, new pipelines and highway constructions, as well as various buildings of industrial and social facilities grow apace within the scope of North-South transport corridor project.

Turkmenistan government invested $4.8 billons in construction sector in 2010; in 2011, the 20th anniversary of independence, the state aims at putting into service 102 huge projects worth $7 billions. The country is the most important base of Turkish construction firms in Central Asia, and so far, Turkish companies undertook more than 650 projects worth $20 billions in Turkmenistan. MEKA was preferred in the biggest projects among these with respect to production.

Projects We Contribute in Turkmenistan

Natural Gas Basin Project - South Iolatan

In this project worth $5.5 billions, Turkish companies Tekfen and İlk İnşaat are subcontractors of Petrofac and Hyundai. The project imposes high sensitivity with respect to mixes; and the is produced by fixed and mobile MEKA  at building sites of both companies.

CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company), one of the main subcontractors of Petrofac, has made extensive surveys and tests regarding selection due to desert conditions in the region, before preferring MEKA

Institute of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Ashgabat

MEKA is used in project worth $160 millions, which is about to be accomplished by Belda Construction in Ashgabat.

Vozrozhdenie, Asghabat

Vozrozhdenie, a company carrying out road, intersection and bridge constructions in various regions of Turkmenistan, employs MEKA MB-60M Mobile Plant.

Lotus Enerji

In its project in different regions of Turkmenistan, LOTUS ENERJİ uses 2 MEKA MB-60M MEKA Mobile 



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