Our customer, one of the leading precast manufacturer companies in Ankara, preferred MEKA or its Akyurt-Ankara factory due to the high quality and advanced technology of MEKA.

The 100 m³ / hour capacity stationary  which has been successfully commissioned by MEKA in its Akyurt-Ankara facilities, was designed by MEKA engineers to produce both industrial building elements and hollow flooring.

The aggregate hopper with a capacity of 4x 20 m³ is equipped with a microwave-type high-precision moisture meter in the sand compartment of the aggregate inline bin.

Through this moisture meter, the amount of moisture in the sand can be determined and the amount of water to be given to the mixture can be adjusted automatically. Aggregate hopper is designed without ramps, suitable for loader feeding directly from zero levels. By placing the aggregate hopper below zero levels, the residential area has been used more efficiently.

MEKA  Plant, commissioned in Akyurt facility with an open area of 15.000 m² and a closed area of 10.500 m², has a double mixing mixer, one of which is a 2.0 m³ MEKA twin shaft mixer and a 1.0 m³ MEKA Planetary Mixer.

The aggregate weighed in the aggregate weighing conveyor under the aggregate hopper is sent to the aggregate holding hopper placed on 2 mixers via the mixer feeder belt. The aggregate holding hopper, which holds the necessary aggregate ready for a continuous batch, increases the  production capacity by shortening the batch time. The aggregate accumulated in the aggregate waiting hopper can be sent to the relevant mixer depending on the mixer to be produced. In MEKA Plants, the mixer feeding belt is produced as a standard covered top and has a galvanized single-sided walkway and galvanized guardrails.

Material precision ratios, which are very important in precast production, can be easily achieved with MEKA aggregate, cement, water, and additive scales, while the required homogeneity and slump values can be perfectly achieved in a short time with the selected MEKA mixers.

The customer satisfaction resulting from the high quality of MEKA Plants, special solutions suitable for precast production, and fast after-sales service made our company and our team proud.



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