Iraq is re-building its 1250 years’ old capitol rapidly continuing post-war settlement.Within this scope, Besmiyah City, which is one of the largest projects of not only Iraq but also the Middle East, will be one of the new attraction spots of the region by its size of 100,000 homes and 7,25 billion $ volume. In this project, which is highly significant for Iraq, a stationary concrete batch plant 120m³ capacity (MB-120W Stationary Concrete Batching Plant) by MEKA will also be employed.

For the Besmiyah City project, the Iraqi Government has signed a contract with Hanwha, which is one of the largest construction companies of South Korea. According to this contract that has been signed, Hanwha E&C will build 100,000 homes in total, by constructing 20,000 homes each year. The aforesaid project is the largest construction project undertaken by South Korean companies abroad and is the most newsworthy one among the projects constructed by the Hanwha Group in the Middle East region. With this project, Hanwha E&C from the Hanwha Group companies has been included among the 100 largest construction companies of the world. Hanwha E&C, which has also been awarded the tender for the salt refinement and energy generation project in the Yanbu Region, through the 1.05 billion Dollars’ contract signed with Saudi Marafig last April, also undertakes to complete this project by 2014.

To be completed in 84 months

In the new settlement area to be established in the Besmiyah region, at a distance of 25 km to Iraq’s Capitol Baghdad, 100,000 homes will be constructed in total, comprised of 1670 blocks of 10-stories each. The project, including the site preparations, will last 84 months in total. For the Baghdad project to be built on an area of approximately 20 million square meters, the construction materials will be primarily supplied from Turkey, due to its closeness to the project area and the experience of Turkish suppliers in the Iraqi market and since the construction materials manufactured in Turkey are better qualified and more reasonably priced as compared to other countries.

Within this scope, with more than 130 concrete batch plants in the Iraqi market, Meka has been the choice and reliable solution partner of the Hanwha company, by the local solutions it offers in after-sales services.