MB-C100 model is the best choice for mass concrete production on any work sites. Combining the durability, capacity and aggregate bin storage of stationary concrete batching plants with the flexibility of the compact design it becomes an unmatched solution for every professional seeking manufacturing concrete on temporary work sites. The installation requires minimum foundations and space which reduces the operational costs and brings the mobility and flexibility to a new level. MB-C100 is a perfect solution for tight site areas. Fully galvanized modular main chassis allows easy transportation in 40FT containers and perfect rust protection for longevity.



Completely galvanized heavy and stable main chassis allows extreme durability, safe transportation, continuous long-life operation and sensitive weighing by minimizing the vibrations to the scales. Control cabin is a part of the chassis and allows perfect site view and fast installation since all the cables are prewired into the cabinet.


Concerned about Transport costs? Nowhere is too far or too expensive to supply or purchase a proper concrete batching plant, as our MB-C100 compact model fits in standard 40FT OT containers.

MB-C100 Compact Concrete Batching Plants

MB-C100 Compact concrete plant comes with a separate high aggregate storage capacity bins. While offering 4x25 m³ capacity as a standard much more variants are among the possible options. The aggregate bins have got 2 or 4 independently controlled pneumatic discharge gates per compartment and are the same with stationary model plants' bins.

MB-C100 Compact Concrete Batching Plants

MB-C100 Compact concrete plant is designed to minimize work on site during installation and is plumbed and tested at the manufacturing facilities. Depending on the equipment, MB-C100 compact concrete plant can be normally installed within 6-7 days.


With short aggregate transfer belt aggregate transfer time is reduced and folding structure allows fast and easy installation along with compact transportation.

MB-C100 Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Achieving the desired homogeneity and workability of modern concrete mixtures, within the shortest period possible, is often the most critical phase of concrete production, therefore, the need for reliable, high quality mixing equipment is essential.

MB-C100 Compact Concrete Batching Plants


Wide Main Chassis

Service platforms on the main chassis are of the biggest on the market. Control cabin comes preinstalled on the chassis allowing the operator to react to different faults immediately.

High Weighing Accuracy

Heavy Main Chassis: Heavy main chassis minimizes the vibrations occurring during normal operation coming from the loading process, belt operation and mixing. Less vibration not only increases the accuracy but also increases the weighing speed which contributes to overall capacity.

Separate Weighing Hoppers: On all MEKA concrete mixing plants weighing hoppers for cement, water, additives and other materials are separated from the mixer frame and are installed on a separate chassis to minimize vibrations. Installing these directly on the mixer frame transfers the vibrations coming from the mixer to the scales. It affects the weighing process which becomes less accurate and requires more time to finish. Both accuracy and speed are negatively affected.

Multi-Loadcell Design: Cement and water scales are equipped with 3 and 2 loadcells respectively to optimize the load distribution and to maximize the accuracy. On the other hand, cardan connections allow free movement and prevent the loadcell and other connection from breakdowns. MEKA never installs weighing hoppers on mixers.

Detachable Control Cabin

'Control cabin is attached to the main chassis for transport and all the cables are already connected to the power panel which reduces the electrical work on site. The cabin can be both placed on the chassis or near the main chassis during the installation.

Wear Resistant Waves On The Aggregate Bin Walls

Bin walls have aggregate capture waves which are parallel to the ground. This structure reduces the wear of steel panels as the material is flowing over the aggregates which are kept in the spaces. This technology is used by most advanced manufacturers as it increases the lifetime of equipment.

Independent Aggregate Discharge Gates

Each compartment of the aggregate bin of MB-C100 concrete plant is equipped with two independent pneumatically controlled discharge gates. This ensures fast aggregate load onto the weighing belt when both gates are opened and precise dosing/jogging with single gate for maximum accuracy.

Minimum Foundation

Low profile aggregate bin and modular main chassis equipped with special steel structures require minimum foundation and reduce the first investment costs. Optional steel foundation frames are available upon request to provide the installation on the flat surface with the help of chemical anchorage.

Completely Pre-Wired And Tested At The Factory

Almost no cable work is required on site since all the equipment is pre-wired at MEKA factory to minimize the installation time on site. All the mechanical and electrical parts are tested for any possible faults to ensure the quality and reliability.

High Quality Components

We offer only premium parts from global well-known brands with our concrete batch plants. Most of the equipment can easily be found on global markets. This ensures long-term reliable continuous operation with minimum possibilities of break-downs.


Radial Or Shuttle Conveyor Aggregate Feeding Systems

In order to reduce the cost for building a one-side feeding ramp we have developed aggregate feeding systems which allow easy aggregate feeding without any extra costs for foundation or ramp.

Optional Steel Ramp Wall

Optional steel ramp wall allows easy operation without expensive concrete ramp construction. The ramp is designed as a heavy structure and is capable of carrying sustainable load for a long period of time. This option eliminates the construction of a concrete ramp wall for the aggregate bin. It is very useful and cost saving when the plant is moved from time to time.

Mobile Steel Foundation For Cement Silos

Mobile steel foundations allow installation of cement silos on flat ground without any concrete slab or column foundation required. This allows even faster installation and reduces the operational costs as the foundation can be transported together with the plant.

Options For Different Climatic Conditions
Cooling Options

Chillers:MEKA offers a range of chiller systems to be used with concrete batching plants. Check the chillers product page for more information.
Ice Weighing Hoppers:MEKA offers ice weighing hoppers for implementation of ice during concrete production in extra hot conditions.
Ice Screw Conveyors:MEKA offers ice screw conveyor for implementation of ice during concrete production in extra hot conditions

Heating Options

Cladding:MEKA offers sandwich panel or steel sheet cladding options.
Steam Generators:Steam generators start to provide steam in short period of time comparing to steam boilers. Different types of fuel are available.

Improve the Capabilities and Characteristics of your MEKA Concrete Batch Plant

Additional Weighing/Dosing

Measurement and Monitoring

Operational Options

Extra Health and Safety Features







Compacted Concrete Output (30 and 20 sec mix) 30 m³/h 39 yd³/h 60 m³/h 147-175 yd³/h 85-95 m³/h 110-123 yd³/h 115-124 m³/h 150-161 yd³/h
Mixer Capacity (Compacted Concrete) 0.5 m³ 0,65 yd³ 1,0 m³ 1,3 yd³ 2,25 m³ 2.9 yd³ 3,0 m³ 3.9 yd³
Mixer Type Single Shaft Single Shaft Single Shaft/Twin Shaft/Planetary Single Shaft/Twin Shaft/Planetary Twin Shaft Twin Shaft Twin Shaft Twin Shaft
Mixer Motor Power 18,5 kW 25 Hp 37 kW 50 Hp 2x37 kW 50 Hp 2x55 kW 2x75 Hp
Aggregate Bins 4x7 or 2x14 m³ 4x9 or 2x18 yd³ 2-6x20-50 m³ 2-6x26-65 yd³ 2-6x20-50 m³ 2-6x26-65 yd³ 2-6x20-50 m³ 2-6x26-65 yd³
Aggregate Feeding Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System Ramp or Pre-Feeding System
Aggregate Transfer Skip Skip Skip or Belt Skip or Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt
Air Compressor Included, Piston or Screw Type 5,5 kW 7 Hp 5,5 kW 7 Hp 7,5 kW 10 Hp 7,5 kW 10 Hp
Cement Weighing Hopper 300 kg 1,320 lbs 600 kg 1,320 lbs 1.250 kg 2,750 lbs 1.750 kg 3,855 lbs
Water Weighing Hopper 160 kg 660 lbs 250 kg 550 lbs 700 kg 2,200 lbs 1000 kg 2,200 lbs
Additive Weighing Hopper 1 or 2 x 20-40 kg 1 or 2 x 44-88 lbs 1 or 2 x 20-40 kg 1 or 2 x 44-88 lbs 1-4 x 20-60 kg 1-4 x 44-132 lbs 1-4 x 20-60 kg 1-4 x 44-132 lbs
Cement Screw Conveyor 1-4 pcs D=193mm 1-4 pcs D=7.6” 1-4 pcs D=219mm 1-4 pcs D=8.7” 1-4 pcs D=273mm 1-4 pcs D=10.7” 1-4 pcs D=273mm 1-4 pcs D=10.7”



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